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Jovial Healthcare is a leading NDIS provider in Melbourne, offering comprehensive disability support services tailored to individuals with diverse needs. We are committed to providing quality care that enhances the lives of our participants. We have highly skilled staff who are experienced in providing disability support services. We promote independence, assist with daily tasks, and help our participants achieve their goals.

As we are NDIS service provider Melbourne, we cater to a wide range of requirements. Whether you need assistance with personal activities like bathing, dressing, and eating, or have more complex needs such as transportation, meal provisions, and gardening, we are here to assist you. We understand the importance of holistic support, and our commitment to delivering the highest standard of care extends to providing services that address various aspects of wellbeing.

At Jovial Healthcare, we acknowledge that every individual is unique and has different needs. That's why we customize our services to align with each person's specific requirements. Our dedicated professionals are passionate about helping our participants live independent and fulfilling lives, ensuring they receive the quality support they deserve.

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NDIS Home and Living Supports

Jovial Healthcare is a leading NDIS home and living support provider in Melbourne.

Short Term Accommodation - STA NDIS in Melbourne

Short Term Accommodation (STA)

STA can be used for a variety of purposes, such as respite care, supported accommodation, or supported living.

NDIS SIL Vacancy Melbourne

Supported Independent Living (SIL)

SIL is a type of NDIS support that provides assistance to people with disabilities who want to live independently in the community.

Medium Term Accommodation - MTA NDIS in Melbourne

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)

MTA can be used for temporary accommodation for people with disabilities who need it for a period of up to 90 days.

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What is NDIS?

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a government scheme that provides funding and support for people with disabilities in Australia.
The aim of NDIS is to help individuals with disabilities achieve their goals and live a fulfilling life by giving them access to necessary services and support.

If you or someone you know has a disability, it's essential to understand the eligibility criteria and funding options provided by NDIS.
NDIS is designed to cater to a wide range of disabilities, including physical, intellectual, sensory, and psycho-social disabilities.

To be eligible for NDIS support, you need to meet specific criteria, and it's important to understand the application process.

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NDIS Services We Offer

Jovial Healthcare is a leading NDIS service provider in Melbourne, offering a wide range of customized
NDIS support services to individuals with disabilities and their families. We have been supporting people
with disabilities in different aspects of their lives for years.

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Assist Personal Activities

The participant will receive assistance with daily tasks like cooking, sweeping, bathing, getting dressed, cleaning, washing clothes, etc.

community participation ndis

Community Participation

Through a variety of events, we assist individuals in being involved in the community. Through discussion, it assists people living in their homes to go out and about.

development life skill ndis

Life-Skills development

The goal of life skills development is to develop or improve the abilities you need to live an independent life.

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Personal Activities High

Assistance with daily tasks and personal care. It includes use of aids like hearing/communication devices, eating, toileting, etc.

house hold tasks ndis

Household Tasks

Tasks such as meal preparation, cleaning, laundry, and house maintenance that the clients are not able to do themselves.

community Nursing ndis

Community Nursing

Nursing care in the community is designed to meet the needs of people with high care needs for whom a skilled or highly trained staff is required.

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Travel / Transportation

The support for travel and transportation allows individuals to reach places they might not be able to reach.

best support coordination ndis

Support Coordination

The main role of support coordinator is to work with you to effectively utilise your funds to meet your goals.

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Accommodation / Tenancy

Support for the participants seeking appropriate accommodation. It also includes home modifications as per the need of a person with disability.

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Who is eligible for NDIS?

The application process for NDIS support involves several steps. Firstly, you need to contact the NDIS and request an access request form. Secondly, you need to complete the form and submit it to the NDIS. Thirdly, you need to provide evidence of your disability. This may include medical reports, assessments, and other documentation.

Once your application is received, the NDIS will review your eligibility and contact you to arrange a planning meeting. At the planning meeting, you will discuss your goals, needs, and how the NDIS can support you. You will also develop an NDIS plan that outlines the services and support you will receive. Read More

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What our Clients are Saying about Us:


Michael Hansen

Jovial Healthcare is absolutely amazing. Savy has been my support coordinator for quite a while now. Savy and his team always go above and beyond for me. Highly recommend for anyone needing assistance.


Jessica Trebilcock

This company is absolutely amazing. They go absolutely above and beyond. Savy and his team really make you feel like family. Highly recommended. :)


Tina Roberts

I have been receiving supports from Jovial Healthcare as my NDIS service provider for nearly a year, and I have had no issues whatsoever. Their support has been consistent and reliable, and I have always felt well taken care of. I highly recommend them to others seeking NDIS support.


Carol Hill

I wholeheartedly recommend Jovial Healthcare to anyone in need of compassionate NDIS services.

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